Sri Bestari International School (SBIS ), a new arm to  Lang Education Sdn Bhd, held its first Info Day on 3 June 2017 and has recently commenced its first intake in September 2017. The expansion of our current education offerings aim to meet the growing preference by providing an alternative in understanding and measuring the children’s capability based on the British National Curriculum, other than the Malaysian National Curriculum.

SBIS will be anticipating a move into new buildings in September 2019 with state-of-the-art facilities such as ICT suites, Hall of Arts, a large multi-purpose hall, dedicated music rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a covered indoor playground, larger library and purpose-built classrooms within the same compound of Sri Bestari Private School. In addition, the School has introduced the virtual learning platform, Schoology with the aim to promote collaborative and self-directed learning environment that can facilitate the students with 21st century learning skills.

In line with Lang Education’s mission to develop, educate, train and impart noble values to young men and women to be outstanding leaders of tomorrow, SBIS believes that by inspiring the children towards a growth mindset will prepare the children for a rapidly changing environment and the many challenges that lie ahead. The changing global landscape makes it imperative for a collective breadth of skills across ages and breadth of learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

As such, SBIS focuses on an all-round education beyond merely academic excellence but a platform of self-discovery and self-realisation in their learning journey and ultimately to be intentional in building their own identity. The learning experience ranges from co-curricular activities such as swimming, dance, music, photography, science club and outdoor activities such as team-building camp, mount climbing and snorkelling. SBIS believes that exposing the children to a wide range of opportunities will help them to broaden their horizons and to enjoy success, while instilling in them a strong sense of purpose and self-confidence in the pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves.

Principal’s Foreword

‘The greatest test in life is LIFE itself, therefore your greatest competitor is the person you were yesterday’.

Yes, life is so precious! It is of utmost importance that our children embrace GRIT and be determined to live a life of significance by remaining true to themselves and be intentional in building their own identity; to know their calling in life, to learn how to do it well and create value in the world.

Being a mother of two and still a teacher at heart, it has always been my joy to celebrate not only the hard work of your children but also the mindset that they have developed through their learning journey. While it is important that one should be contented in life, children must never be complacent with their achievements as they have more to learn with the drive to make an impact in their own field of interest.

On behalf of SBIS, the faculty members are indeed blessed to be part of this meaningful journey. We are grateful to you parents for entrusting your child, your greatest asset into our hands, and we will continue to focus on what matters the most—improving the teaching and learning, progress and achievement of every child!







Intentional Inconvenience




Mr Josh Teng – Founder of The Next Academy

 Ms Viola Ho – Founder of The Great Lab

Why do we call it ‘TAG TALK’?
TAG represents the brand, the value, the identity -a very important question in life for the children themselves to answer- ‘WHO AM I?

Until and unless the children know who they are-the realisation that they are indeed the author of their own stories, they will always be living a life on autopilot. Sri Bestari’s TAG TALK aims to inspire children by exposing them to successful stories shared by individuals who dare to be different and face challenges with grit.

SRI BESTARI’s TAG TALK will be part of the children’s journey in helping them to discover themselves with authenticity simply because we believe that ‘It is the JOURNEY OF REALISATION that determines the children’s DESTINATION‘.


As part of our efforts in inching towards 21st century teaching and learning, Sri Bestari is collaborating with Schoology, a highly ranked Learning Management System in the world to facilitate the teaching of daily lessons. Schoology condenses lesson delivery, communication and high-level administration all into one platform, creating a true digital culture not just among teachers and students, but parents as well. With its powerful features combined with the dedication of our teachers, parents will be able to learn in-depth about the areas their children need to enhance and improve as they progress at different stages of learning. Parents can literally track the progress of their children anywhere and anytime with just a swipe of the finger on their mobiles. Now that is what we call a truly digital experience!



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