From the Desk of the Head of Secondary

Welcome to the 2018 school year. I am excited to welcome back our staff, students and parents for the new school year and a warm welcome to our 2018 new students. 2017 has been a year of renewed purpose for the school as we worked hard towards our school vision and mission. Our three core values namely Professsionalism, Respect and Excellence have always been our pillars of strength. Bestari students and staff have accomplished so much in 2017 and have so many reasons to celebrate.

We have witnessed so many new stage talents in our first participation in the Berjaya Teen Star Challenge; namely dancing and singing, sports talents spotted in our participation in the MSSD, MSSS tournaments for table tennis, badminton, taekwando, chess and recently in the KL Athletic Open. We are now keeping our fingers cross for our application for the second year of the Green Flag award. Looking at how much passion and dedication our Eco Team has rendered, I am very optimistic that the award is on its way!

These accomplishments would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our teachers, students and support from parents in school programmes. Thank you to all of you!

2018 comes with something new on the plate. The introduction to Korean language will kick off as soon as the AY2018 resumes. This gives more options to students to choose – from Mandarin, French, Japanese and now Korean. We hope to foster a new sister school relationship with schools in Korea, just like what we are now doing with Tokai Fukuoka High School in Japan. These initiatives will broaden the students’ perspective and open their eyes and minds for global challenges.

We will also endeavour the new academic year polishing the public speaking talents among our students. ‘Open Mic’ is a new avenue for students to express their ideas and speak their minds. The reading programme for those students from Chinese Schools will also be continued and further enhanced. We are looking into more participation in external competitions and hope all to get the full support from everyone. I take the honour to announce that starting 2018, the secondary school shall offer Cambridge Checkpoint exams for interested candidates. The teaching & learning of all three subjects ie. Maths, Science and English will be geared towards preparing Bestarians for dual certification – Checkpoint 2 & PT3, IGCSE and SPM. With these complete certification, Bestarians will have more options to pursue their tertiary education – local or overseas.

Our journey towards excellence will continue and we look forward to delivering a student-centric, values-driven education to all our students. I look forward to partnering with you to make this an exciting and successful year for our students.

Rosnah Sulaiman
Head of the Secondary School


KSSM – Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Menengah

Monday 07.40 am – 03.30 pm
Tuesday 07.40 am – 03.30 pm
Wednesday 07.40 am – 04.00 pm
Thursday 07.40 am – 03.30 pm
Friday 07.40 am – 12.30 pm
Recess Lower Form : 09.30 am – 10.00 am
Upper Form : 10.30 am – 11.00 am
Lunch Lower Form : 01.00 pm – 01.30 pm
Upper Form : 01.30 pm – 02.00 pm
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Sri Bestari Private Schools (Secondary) offers Malaysian National Curriculum (KSSM) as its core programme. KSSM is an educational programme that includes curriculum and co-curricular activities which encompasses all the knowledge, skills, norms, values, cultural elements and beliefs to help develop a pupil fully with respect to the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects as well as to inculcate and develop desirable moral values and to transmit knowledge.

Lower Secondary (Form 1 to 3)

• Bahasa Melayu
• English Language
• Mathematics
• Science
• Geography
• History
• Pendidikan Islam
• Moral Education
• Living Skills
• Rekabentuk dan Teknologi
• Physical Education
• Civics
• Computer Sctudies
• Visual Arts
• Chinese Language
• Mandarin/French/Japanese/Korean

Upper Secondary - Science (Form 4 & 5)

• Bahasa Melayu
• English Language
• Mathematics
• History
• Pendidikan Islam
• Moral Education
• Physical Education
• Computer Science
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Additional Mathematics
• Principles of Accounts
• Chinese Language
• Mandarin/French/Japanese/Korean

Upper Secondary - Arts (Form 4 & 5)

• Bahasa Melayu
• English Language
• Mathematics
• Science
• History
• Pendidikan Islam
• Moral Education
• Commerce/Business
• Economics
• Additional Mathematics
• Principles of Accounts
• Visual Arts
• Chinese Language
• Mandarin/French/Japanese/Korean

IGCSE Examination

Qualified Sri Bestari Private Schools Form 5 students are encourage to sit for IGCSE examinations as an additional certification for them to embark on tertiary education.

IGCSE is the abbreviation of International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is world most popular international certification for end of secondary school, before one proceeds to Advanced Level (A-Level or sixth form or year 12&13) or pre-university studies. The IGCSE curricula is often considered more similar to O-Level rather than the UK national curriculums GCSE. Thus, the basis of the examination is also considered more challenging and rigorous.

Many universities worldwide require a combination of Cambridge International A Levels and Cambridge IGCSEs to meet their entry requirements. For example, leading US and Canadian universities require Cambridge International AS & A Levels, but some US and Canadian colleges and universities will accept learners with five Cambridge IGCSEs at grade C or above.

AFS-Sri Bestari Intercultural (Student Exchange) Programs

AFS Intercultural Programs promote global understanding and world peace. AFS is one of the world’s largest community-based volunteer organisations dedicated to building a more just and peaceful world through international exchange for students, young adults and teachers.

Sri Bestari’s AFS intercultural program provide the perfect opportunity for student to live, study, experience another culture and embrace local lifestyle in a new country for 2, 6 or 12 months with minimum interruption to your education and without compromising obligation back at home.

AFS program is the perfect way to improve and brush off your language skills before the final years of study in secondary school of before university studies. Programs are open to Sri Bestari’s Malaysian citizen full time secondary school students between 15 and 17 years old. (Form 3 – Form 5 students).

Cambridge Checkpoint Examination

Cambridge Checkpoint tests have been designed to assess learners at the end of Cambridge . They are available in English, English as a second language, Mathematics and Science, and give valuable feedback on learners’ strengths and weaknesses before they progress to the next stage of education. The tests are marked in Cambridge and provide schools with an external international benchmark for learner performance. Each learner receives a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback report, giving schools detailed information and parents extra trust in the feedback they receive.

New South Wales Examination

The NSWE Examination is open to all students from primary Standard 3 through to Secondary Form 5. The subjects that are included are Mathematics, Science, English and Computer Skills. Students are not allowed to opt for individual subjects. The fee to sit for the four papers are RM250.00. The duration for each paper is 1 hour and the exam will be conducted in the morning as scheduled by NSW. Candidates will have to sit for a trial exam for each paper. The results will be announced at approximately a month after the exam dates.


Uniform Bodies

St. John’s Ambulance
Girl Guide
Girl Guide Renjer
Young Scout
Senior Scout
Kadet Remaja Sekolah


Malay Language Society
English Language Society
Chinese Lnguage Society
History & Geography
Junior Scientist
Nature Club
Creative Leisure Club
Peer Counseling Group
Interact Club
Culinary Club
International Club
Persatuan Pelajar Islam


Table Tennis


ELSA is Sri Bestari’s approach of educating students with special needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. Process includes individually planned and systematically monitored arrangement of teaching procedures, adapted equipment and materials, and accessible settings.

These interventions are designed to help pupil with special needs achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency and confidence than may be available if the student were given access to a typical classroom education only. There are inclusive and exclusive classes offered to to special need students.