SBPS ECO Collaboration with WWF Malaysia has benefited the school immensely

The Eco-School programme was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, under The Foundation of Environment Education (FEE)…a non-governmental organization and not-for-profit organisation. WWF-Malaysia became an associate member of FEE in 2010. It also became the national operator for the Eco-Schools Programme in Malaysia.

The idea for Sri Bestari private school to be an ECO school was mooted in 2012, as part of the schools internalization programme. Right from the onset the Eco School Team moved at a fast and furious pace with various projects and campaigns to promote conservation and preservation of Mother Nature. Through the collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Malaysia, provided the impetus needed to garner the whole Bestari community to experience and focus on the importance for caring of environment. We strongly believe that education and awareness for such an important agenda must begin at the formative years as the survival and wellbeing of our future generations requires a concerted effort everyone and education is the key.

After two years into the Eco School Programme, Sri Bestari Private School was awarded the Silver Award at the 2nd International Eco-School Conference Malaysia, 2013. The Silver award is the second highest possible award for recognition of our efforts in environmental conservation and preservation. Thereon, the Eco School Team formed further collaborations with other NGOs namely Global Environmental Center(GEC), Eijau Millenium, and Zoological Society Malaysia to further enhance our knowledge and awareness of additional ECO measures and initiatives currently being practiced all over the world. SBPS worked to achieve the WWF Green Flag which is the highest WWF award for an ECO school and the next 2 years’ things moved at a feverish pace.

With the theme “We Love the Earth” in 2014, additional and expanded projects and campaigns were conducted by the Team namely the annual Earth Hour which we termed the Earth Hour Candlelit Dinner, “Zero Waste Concept” programme and public awareness programmes. The Eco Team have gained much recognition through the 2 short years and received invitations to showcase thier projects and initiatives by other institutions as well as local authorities such as, DBKL namely to promote our “Zero Waste Concept”. .


Sri Bestari Private School received the ECO SCHOOLS GREEN-FLAG AWARD

With the spirit to continuously improve, the Eco Team Led by Low Jin Shen, Johnny has strived with various environmental awareness campaigns and programmes to ensure environmental education is successfully incorporated in the school.

By incorporating the Eco-School Programme in SBPS, it helped enhance the environmental awareness among the school community and at the 4th International Eco Schools Conference, Sri Bestari Private School was award the coveted ECO SCHOOLS GREEN FLAG Award for the very first time.

SSB being one of the only 4 Malaysian schools out of 200 plus eco registered schools to have achieved the Green Flag award is truly an achievement for SSB.