Sri Bestari Schools is a wholly owned subsidiary of Land and General Berhad, a well-established school that has been championing excellence in education for the past 24 years. Sri Bestari Schools aims to inspire the children towards a growth mindset by educating, training and imparting noble values to young men or women to be the outstanding professionals and leaders of tomorrow. Both schools envision to continuously challenge the students, to not only realise the children potential, but to exceed it by providing a holistic and global learning experience through continuous reflection and engagement.

Foreword from the Principal

Sri Bestari Private School Kuala Lumpur would like welcome back all her students as we resume full operations in phases on 15 July and 22 July respectively as announced by the Ministry of Education.

Sri Bestari Private School Kuala Lumpur had launched the setting up of 3 facilities which are intended to support the teaching and learning as well as safety of our students and they are the Inquiry Based Science Education Pilot Centre (IBSE Pilot Centre), Robotic & RBT Lab, and a dedicated Sickbay.

The IBSE Pilot Centre was launched by Professor Yves Quéré who was a Co-founder of Fondation La main à la pâte together with Nobel Prize Laureate Georges Champak, and Professor Pierre Léna in 1996 together with the French Academy of Sciences (of the Institut de France). All three (3) of the co-founders of Fondation La main à la pâte were Astrophysicists and were renowned Scientist in their respective field of specialisation. Professor Yves Quéré is currently the Honorary President of the Scientific and Educational Development Board at Fondation La main à la pâte.

Through the setting-up of the IBSE Pilot Centre at Sri Bestari Private School Kuala Lumpur, we now join the league of similar IBSE Pilot Centre’s in France and being the first and only IBSE Pilot Centre in the whole of Malaysia. The setting up and the recognition received augurs well for the school as we continue to forge close working relationships with other IBSE Pilot Centre’s in France, Fondation La main à la pâte and the International Science Technology and Innovation Centre (ISTIC) to spearhead the teaching and learning of Science through the Inquiry Based Science Education approach which is highly rigorous but most effective.

The setting up of the Robotic & RBT Lab is in addition to the STEM Lab set-up in the school a year ago are in line with the school’s objective to push the Industrial Revolution 4.0 agenda and ensure our students are exposed to the intricacies of this new future which we have to embrace.

A dedicated Sickbay during this unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has brought to our attention the need to further improve on our services and keep our school community safe and healthy at all times. All these new initiatives are important as we welcome back our students to a safe and invigorating learning environment with enhanced facilities and services this July 2020.

Thank you.

Dr Steven Baptist

Core Values

Sekolah Sri Bestari Private School was established in December 1995, in response to the government’s call to private agencies to fulfil their social obligations to society. Our strong desire to this call resulted in our school’s humble beginning in a double storey shop lot in Bandar Sri Damansara. Today we are proud to say that we have a modern school complex with custom designed facilities.


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